members who founded it
Sugiura Iori, Sekine Shutaro, Yata Hiroyuki. They are most unusual trio in students who went on to Department of Earth and Planetary Physics on 1993.

the Oldest guide book
It is named "some means using computer terminals comfortably in 016." It was written by Sugiura Iori. Because it contains very shameful contents for him, he want no one to see it. It was released on December 1993. We remember to write more old guide book, but now it was not able to be read no longer.

these Web Pages
They remain in virtual building of AIC in fact. But we don't give you permission to read them. Because they contains many shameful contents.

the Department of Earth and Planetary Physics University of Tokyo editing Geophysics Dictionary Committee
Though the name of this Committee is exaggerated, it is a group which organized for editing Geophysics Dictionary in short word. Geophysics Dictionary was maintained mainly by Sugiura Iori in technical part and Sekine Shutaro in content relational part. But gathering words, many of students of Department of Earth and Planetary Physics cooperate to this project. After that, AIC manages this dictionary. The committee became extinct by itself. But the name of committee is used as one of organization releasing the dictionary.

Standard Environment
Many of undergraduate students who use the computer terminal room for undergraduate students of Department of Earth and Planetary Physics, University of Tokyo are poorly experienced in using UN*X environment. In UN*X environment, users can set his environment freely. But if those who use UN*X environment at first adjust his environment, very long time is lost. At point, administrators prepare configuration files which was written least configurations. Administrators calls them "Standard Environment" and maintain them.

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